Poseidon Xstream Deep

The Xstream second stage has a well-proven construction with a number of newly developed characteristics. The inner volume, so called dead space, is small, which enables the build up of carbon dioxide to be minimized. At inhale and exhale the resistance is minimal, e.g. 0.07 Joule at inhale at 150 meters (app. 495 feet) depth. The exhalation diaphragm is protected by a cover that can be removed without using tools for easy access to the diaphragm. The diaphragm’s position on the second stage also prevents flowing water from finding its way in to the valve.


As the name indicates Xstream Deep is designed for those who dive deep with gas mixtures up to 21% oxygen. Depending on the area of usage and choice of configuration, the Deep first stage exists in two varieties; with the wheel mounted in the bottom part or from the side (Deep 90). The color marking of the first- and second stage is black (Trimix). The second stage is equipped with neck-straps as standard. The number of outlets is minimized to three for Deep 90 and two for Deep for maximum safety. The LP-hose for the regulator is offered in a range of lengths.

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